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A preview on Lectures

The Euronoise programme includes almost every aspect of acoustics. This 3 day event covers topics such as noise control, standards in acoustics, occupational noise and influence of sound on human beeings.

Anthony Thomas(on the right) standing here with Jian Kang

Of particular interest is the section “Room acoustics in hospitals”….

Ecophon employees Katrin Bergmark (click here to see her movie), Marc Janssen and Anthony Thomas submitted a paper and the latter is to present a paper about Room Acoustic Comfort™ concept.
Erling Nilsson
Erling Nilsson will present the outcomes of the NICe (Noridc Innovation Centre) on acoustics in Open Plan Offices
Jonas Christensson
Jonas Christensson will present the outcomes of a survey made among people working in open plan solutions.
An exhibition is being held along with the conference. It is devoted mostly to sound field modelling, acoustical materials and measurement tools.

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