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ASA conference Baltimore USA



Is held between 19–23 April 2010 in Baltimore, Maryland.

The Society holds two meetings each year, normally in the U.S. and Canada. At each meeting, invited and contributed papers and poster presentations usually number around 700 and reflect the diversity and interests of the membership. Tutorials, lectures, technical and standards committee meetings, are regular features, along with a variety of social programmes.

This year Markus Oberdörster from Ecophon in Germany has been invited to give the Knudsen lecture on the first day which will centre around Markus’s Phd study into acoustic ergonomics of schools.
Dr Markus Oberdörster
1aAAb1. Communication behavior of pupils and teachers in highly absorbent classrooms: A pleading for room acoustic comfort in schools.
Session: Monday Morning, Apr 19
Time: 11:05
Author: Markus Oberdoerster
Location: Saint‐Gobain Ecophon GmbH, Taschenmacher Str. 8, 23566 Lubeck, Germany,
Author: Gerhart Tiesler
Location: Univ. of Bremen, 28334 Bremen, Germany
This lecture refers to an interdisciplinary research project conducted 2001–2005 by acousticians, pedagogues, and occupational scientists at the Bremen University. It investigates the kind of work and communication behavior in elementary school classrooms and the influence that is given by the acoustic environment. Using a database of 175 examined lessons an analysis is made of how different kinds of work (frontal lessons vs differentiated lessons) have an effect on the sound level in the classroom. Parameters are discussed, which can describe classroom acoustics appropriately. Also discussed are how altered room characteristics (e.g., increased absorption, shortened reverberation time, and improved speech intelligibility) affect the sound level in the context of each kind of work. A methodical examination of the database allows an assessment of mean values but also of the detailed teaching phases, as characterized by certain pedagogical factors. The results provide the basis for discussion of stress and work demands of teachers. 10 1612
Read a summarised version of Acoustic Ergonomics of Schools here.

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