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Better acoustic comfort in new operating theatres


Up until now sound-reflecting, hard surface materials have often been used in operating theatres for hygiene reasons. The backside of this is that the hard surfaces often aggravate disturbing noise. Hygiene is always of utmost importance in an operating theatre, so does it mean we have to ignore the acoustics in the room and it’s benefits to the quality of care? No, with Ecophon Hygiene systems good acoustic performance is successfully combined with high cleanability properties.

A recent example from Varberg hospital in Sweden can inspire us all.

The staff at Varberg hospital in Sweden are very satisfied with their new operating theatres and acoustic ceilings contributes to a better acoustic comfort. Ulla-Karin Ericsson, the building project coordinator, says: “The staff think the sound environment is much better in the new operating theatres.”
To always be attentive to the reactions of the patient and to ensure patient safety, the staff need to be extremely concentrated all the time. In an operating theatre you will find numerous sound sources, and too much noise makes it more difficult to concentrate. One person that is aware of this is the architect Ann-Marie Revellé and she says: “An important objective was to ensure a good work environment in the new operating theatres. When designing the rooms, requirements of good room acoustics were one of several important parameters”.
To manage the sound environment in the operating theatres at Varberg hospital an Ecophon Hygiene ceiling system was installed, which met stringent demands from both a hygienic and an acoustic perspective.

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