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Design Dive: Rooms Fit for Video Conferencing

It has been predicted again and again that video conferencing would become a ubiquitous part of professional life. Now, it seems it is here to stay, but there are still work to be done before this technology can live up to its full potential. Never before have so much professional interaction taken place remotely, through […]

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Collaboration with education guru, Prof. Stephen Heppell to refurbish a Victorian Primary School.

Victorian schools (Queen Victoria: 1837 – 1901) in Britain originate from the 1870 Elementary Education Act , which made primary school education compulsory. This required the quick construction of a large number of schools, in both large, industrialised cities to leafy green villages. However, unlike the quick build, off-site schools of the 1970’s, Victorian schools […]

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Improving access to listening in mainstream schools – Reasonable adjustments for acoustic design

Improving Access to Listening in Mainstream Schools There is now a student with special hearing or communication needs (SHCN) for every classroom in the UK. With more than 70% of lessons given vocally by our teachers, the opportunity to hear clearly and understand (even with cochlear implants) is one of the most important activities within […]

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The impact of noise in education – a research summary

This new research summary is now available and lifts out evidence from a variety of research studies around the world. These studies address a broad range of important aspects which need to be considered in learning environments. It is based on a recent extensive literature review by Professor Emerita Bridget Shield made for Ecophon. We […]

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Acoustic standards in hospitals – overview and thoughts

This is the world! The Danish Cancer Foundation has concluded that traffic noise can lead to breast cancer and non-Hodgkins lymphoma. The Danish Ministry of Environment concludes that 500 Danes die every year because of traffic noise – because of diabetes, stress and cardio vascular diseases caused by noise. The Danish Road Directorate concludes that […]

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Changing acoustics means changing everything

ICA 2019 in Aachen gave an opportunity to present results of interesting questionnaire survey done in large primary school in Poland which focused on a correlation between room acoustics and changes in the communication, behaviour and wellbeing of students and teachers. The survey took place in modern school building, completed in 2012 which according to […]

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Diversity at Internoise 2019 – Top 3 presentations

Half way through Internoise 2019 in Madrid one thing is clear: It is a buffet of knowledge! From sessions on ‘Architectural and building acoustics’ to ‘Environmental noise’ to ‘Noise and health’ (and everything in between). Internoise, Euronoise, ICA etc. are always the places to go if you need new inspiration and today especially three really […]

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New experimental methods shed light on sound field diffusion in reverberation chambers.

December 13th 2018 we had the privilege to attend a PhD defense at DTU. The work was done by Mélanie Nolan who for the last 3 years has been working intensely to investigate sound fields in the reverberation chamber. This article is touching upon some of the findings from the research. The influence of absorption […]

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Report looking at the implications of open learning spaces, acoustics and teacher personality

Background to the report Despite resistance to open plan classrooms in many countries, the movement towards innovative learning environments continues in parts of Europe, especially Scandinavia, Australia and New Zealand. Their definition (ILEs), is an ongoing discussion in itself and their success is dependent on many aspects. However, understanding the changes in pedagogic approaches, including […]

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Hospitals. Noise. Sleep. Finally an acoustic standard!

New acoustic standard for hospitals in Denmark This year a new acoustic standard for hospitals will be approved in Denmark. Up until now there has only been some rough guidelines (not mandatory). The acoustic demand will be on reverberation time – and the value will be 0.6 sec. in e.g. patient rooms, examination rooms and […]

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