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Soundproofist – a practical approach to raising awareness about sound around us.

It was great to meet up with Cary Norsworthy at Internoise2019 in Madrid a few weeks ago. Her passion about the sound environment is driven from her own experiences and her curiosity to learn more about noise, acoustics and soundproofing – and share this with others. She not only is doing a great job raising […]

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Good acoustics as an extra source of income in restaurants

Internoise 2019, Madrid It’s all about money! Juan Negreira held a really inspiring presentation at Internoise 2019 – about how a room acoustic intervention in a restaurant lead to better income. Below are his findings and discussion and if you want to know more about the project and get access to the original paper, you […]

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Diversity at Internoise 2019 – Top 3 presentations

Half way through Internoise 2019 in Madrid one thing is clear: It is a buffet of knowledge! From sessions on ‘Architectural and building acoustics’ to ‘Environmental noise’ to ‘Noise and health’ (and everything in between). Internoise, Euronoise, ICA etc. are always the places to go if you need new inspiration and today especially three really […]

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Find out what a room can sound like – with the Ecophon Acoustic Calculator

Today almost all room acoustic calculations are based on the Sabine formula. Even though it is known that you often get different values when you compare calculations with actual measurements in a room. Therefore, Ecophon has developed a calculator in which the intention is to have more accurate acoustic values before measurements. The Ecophon Acoustic Calculator is […]

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Speech intelligibility and public sound systems

There’s an important difference between music and speech. The brain is capable of “filling in” a fair amount of missing information in music.  There’s a high degree of predictability. Generally while hearing music, if you didn’t get the bass line or some part of the song which you are keen on listening in the first […]

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How about raising awareness about the need to check our hearing!

The theme for the upcoming World Hearing Day 2019 is “Check Your Hearing”. On the 3rd March the WHO (World Health Organisation) will draw attention to the importance of early identification and intervention for hearing loss. Many people live with unidentified hearing loss, often failing to realise that they are missing out on certain sounds […]

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Are restaurants and bars too loud in New York City? Landmark case study….

An evidence-based study to raise noise pollution awareness was presented last month at INTER-NOISE 2018 in Chicago by Gregory Scott, Founder of SoundPrint. This is, according to the Abstract: The first large-scale study conducted on sound levels, using the novel SoundPrint smartphone app, of more than 2250 venues in New York City shows that the average […]

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Artistic aspects of Architectural sound – Master Thesis by Tim Elfström

We asked Tim to give us a summary insight into his recent Thesis which he has completed as part of a collaborative Lund University study report with Ecophon. Tim is a qualified architect (Arkitekt MSA), has just recently completed his Master Thesis at Lund and is now a consultant helping other architects understand and include […]

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5 tips for the hearing impaired

One of our editors, Morten Roar Berg, has recently been a speaker at an event for hearing impaired people. Here are his reflections after the event.   Recently I had the pleasure of doing my first presentation for a crowd with either inborn hearing impairment or hearing damage. It really broadened my professional perspective. In my […]

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Euronoise 2018 – Room acoustics

Our editor Maria Quinn, Concept Developer for Healthcare in Sweden, attended Euronoise in Crete – and here are her main takeaway points from the session: Room Acoustics. Poster NOISE IN NEONATAL INTENSIVE CARE UNITS: A SHORT REVIEW, by C.Carvalhais, M.V.Silva, J.Silva, A.Xavier,J.Santos Noise affects newborns and worker in NICU rooms. Most of the noise is […]

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