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9-year-old researcher!

Institute of Noise Control Engineering – USA (INCE USA) is hosting Noise-Con 2020  from the 16th – 20th November 2020 and the really interesting program this year includes a very special speaker. Remember the name Nora Keegan Canadian Nora Keegan is one of the key note speakers this year and she will discuss some of […]

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Internoise 2020: Binge watch paper presentations like Netflix!

”Good evening, good morning or good afternoon…” –  that was how Internoise 2020 was kicked off today Sunday the 23rd of August at 20.00 KST – live on youtube for the whole world to attend. For the first time ever Internoise is held as an e-congress and The Korean Society for Noise and Vibration Engineering […]

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Seeing sound: Psychoacoustics of work and play – Learning sessions in the time of Covid-19

The global Covid-19 pandemic has profoundly affected the way we live and work. Connection is both far more challenging due to social distancing measures, and also far easier because of the connectivity that is provided through the internet and digital platforms. Everywhere one looks, there is another previously face-to-face activity that has been moved online […]

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Groundbreaking initiative from Quiet Mark with new Acoustics Academy launch

During the Surface Design Awards 2020 at the Business Design Centre in London, Quiet Mark launched their new Acoustics Academy. with a TED-style master-class event. The Acoustics Academy is a new online platform. which is intended to further equip and empower architects, builders and designers with an expertly verified guide of leading acoustic solutions for […]

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Changing acoustics means changing everything

ICA 2019 in Aachen gave an opportunity to present results of interesting questionnaire survey done in large primary school in Poland which focused on a correlation between room acoustics and changes in the communication, behaviour and wellbeing of students and teachers. The survey took place in modern school building, completed in 2012 which according to […]

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Designing out “Chinook” flutter echoes in speech communication rooms

In September, it was a pleasure to present a work in progress “Optimising the acoustic design for a multi-purpose room used for speech communication activities” at ICA 2019 in Aachen. One of our inhouse head office rooms recently remodelled to accommodate a mixture of training functions. The sound environment for a room designed for speech […]

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American research presented at ICA 2019

Healthcare acoustics on the agenda. What a privilege to attend ICA this year. Not only were we invited for a concert in the cathedral of Aachen but in the healthcare acoustics session we had the opportunity to explore research from all over the world including 3 American papers on both noise reduction in neonatal care, […]

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ICA 2019

The German Acoustical Society (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Akustik, DEGA) hosted the 23rd International Congress on Acoustics in the beautiful and historical city of Aachen in September 2019. The technical program included plenary, distinguished, invited, contributed, and poster papers covering all aspects of acoustics. There was also an extensive technical exposition highlighting the latest advances in […]

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Good acoustics as an extra source of income in restaurants

Internoise 2019, Madrid It’s all about money! Juan Negreira held a really inspiring presentation at Internoise 2019 – about how a room acoustic intervention in a restaurant lead to better income. Below are his findings and discussion and if you want to know more about the project and get access to the original paper, you […]

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Diversity at Internoise 2019 – Top 3 presentations

Half way through Internoise 2019 in Madrid one thing is clear: It is a buffet of knowledge! From sessions on ‘Architectural and building acoustics’ to ‘Environmental noise’ to ‘Noise and health’ (and everything in between). Internoise, Euronoise, ICA etc. are always the places to go if you need new inspiration and today especially three really […]

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