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How about raising awareness about the need to check our hearing!

The theme for the upcoming World Hearing Day 2019 is “Check Your Hearing”. On the 3rd March the WHO (World Health Organisation) will draw attention to the importance of early identification and intervention for hearing loss. Many people live with unidentified hearing loss, often failing to realise that they are missing out on certain sounds […]

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Seminar on biophilic / nature-inspired design as to enhance workplace wellness

  At the end of November, I attended a seminar about biophilic design at the European head office of Plantronics. This topic is becoming more and more spread – the acknowledgment that we are genetically connected to nature and that a human-centred approach can improve many of the spaces that we live and work in, […]

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Better speech communication and learning in the classroom

At this years Transitions18 Education research seminar in Copenhagen, Viveka Årlander Lyberg Associate Professor at Lund University, presented the latest developments around Suvi Karjulainen’s PhD “Better communication and learning in the classroom”. This unique and applied study around the quality of speech communication for teachers and students also links to the investigation of the classroom […]

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School acoustic research overview says minimise sound levels whilst maximising speech intelligibility

Professor Emeritus Bridget Shield recently presented a comprehensive school acoustic research overview at the Transitions18 education research symposium in Copenhagen. Bridget’s overview highlighted that the importance of acoustics in schools has been know about for a long time although the research has only really accelerated over the last 50+ years. BS looked at the typical […]

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Acoustics is part of the conversation – when transitioning to innovative learning environments

For the second year running the University of Melbourne and  the ILETC project organised a series of three Transitions18 research symposia around learning spaces in Melbourne, Phoenix co hosted by Steelcase and Copenhagen co hosted by Ecophon. Attending the Copenhagen event, there was a wealth of groundbreaking research studies and discussions about the transition of […]

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Smart Workspace Design Summit highlights workplace design – including acoustics

Smart Workspace Design Summit took place in Amsterdam October 4-5 (2018) and participants from all walks of the workplace trade joined in as to share and acquire related knowledge. You may call this event an international knowledge hub for workplace design. Two days of content, five expert panel discussions and two workshops. The broad approach […]

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Coworking is here to stay! And coworking acoustics too!

  Recently I took part in an event in Prague named TechoCon 2018 organised by the furniture and commercial interiors company Techo in the Czech Republic. The theme this year was coworking. It was stated that by the end of 2018, around 1.7 million people across the world will be working in coworking environments at […]

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Do you know many open plan schools which really work acoustically? – School Case Study 3

Well, here’s a good example: An activity based acoustic design approach and living with an open plan school – School Case Study 3 This 3rd post in the series exploring – “How open should a learning space be?” Is a follow up to the 2nd post about the existing Dutch DeWerkplaats school building utilising sliding doors which […]

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Inhabiting informal learning spaces – Workplace Trends Learning Environments Conference London

Acoustic Bulletin goes beyond just the acoustic presentation to bring you the broader issues at the recent the Design and Management of Learning Environments in London on May 17th The programme and discussions during the day focused on the building design and spaces, how they are managed to optimize more effective learning and experience for students. The […]

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Euronoise 2018 – A cochlea in the floor carpet caught my eye

Euronoise 2018 was a great acoustic event, and we at Acoustic Bulletin are proud to have covered 6 sessions on room acoustics in particular. This is the last post written by our development engineer, Heléne Sallenhag – she has covered the session 18:3 – Voice accommodations in room acoustics and noise. How much would you spend […]

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