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Report looking at the implications of open learning spaces, acoustics and teacher personality

Background to the report Despite resistance to open plan classrooms in many countries, the movement towards innovative learning environments continues in parts of Europe, especially Scandinavia, Australia and New Zealand. Their definition (ILEs), is an ongoing discussion in itself and their success is dependent on many aspects. However, understanding the changes in pedagogic approaches, including […]

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5 tips for the hearing impaired

One of our editors, Morten Roar Berg, has recently been a speaker at an event for hearing impaired people. Here are his reflections after the event.   Recently I had the pleasure of doing my first presentation for a crowd with either inborn hearing impairment or hearing damage. It really broadened my professional perspective. In my […]

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Danish project on hospital acoustics continues with funding from Danish Sound Innovation Network

Thea Mathilde Larsen, Research Assistant at DTU (Technical University of Denmark), has recently defended her master thesis project ‘Study of Room Acoustics and Noise at Bispebjerg and Frederiksberg Hospital’, a study that aimed to investigate the need for improving room acoustics in hospitals along with investigating staff’s opinion of the noise problem. It is no […]

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7 perspectives on how to design the human centered workplace

How can we design a workplace fit for purpose? This was the overall question on the international seminar Human Centric Workplaces held in Stockholm November 30. Seven highly recognised experts all delivered the same conclusion: There is no one-fit-all answer. This conclusion is why seminars and conferences like this are so important to the industry. […]

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Sound matters at work – New podcast episode

Good acoustics matters at work A good acoustic environment helps us concentrate, reduces stress and improves wellbeing, which in turn has a positive impact on the bottom line. In the latest episode of Ecophon UK and Ireland’s Podcast “A Sound Effect on People”, presenter Salma Cranefield is joined by Ecophon UK&I concept developer Paige Hodsman […]

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Internoise 2016 – do we have the right standards for elderly care?

I had the privilege to present a paper at Internoise 2016 based on an intervention study in a dementia clinic in Munich. The study was done in collaboration with Saint-Gobain Ecophon, the Technical University of Munich, the acoustic company PMI and the architect company Dietz Health Care Facilities. Current standard, DIN 18041 – only reverberation […]

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Body language and psychoacoustic @ EFMC 2016

European Facility Management Conference, Milano 2016 Had the pleasure presenting about “Planning for Psychoacoustic – how to resolve office noise distraction” together with Nigel Oseland at EFMC 2016 in Milano last week. “Enhancing the People and Business” was the theme of the conference- which our method presented is just in line with. Our DARE principal in combination with […]

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Poor Sound Environment Causes Disturbance In An Intensive Care Unit

Evidence based design in Finland The EVICURES project at Seinäjoki Central Hospital (Finland) was the first project to study evidence-based design (EDB) activities in Finland. Target of the project was to develop a new user friendly design model for intensive care units (ICU) and to design a new ICU according to this model. A final […]

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The importance of acoustics in designing spaces for people with dementia

The sound environment of a building plays an important role for those with dementia. We have been working to understand the extent for some time with various different bodies, including commissioning a literature review with Salford University of existing research in this field to help assess the impact of noise on people with dementia. What […]

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“I think that acoustics are a bit overrated!”

Safe and Sound Kirsten Van den Bosh spoke under the title ‘Safe and Sound’ at EIAS 2015 and even though she mentioned that it was nearly blasphemy to say “I think that acoustics are a bit overrated!” during an international acoustic conference, she might have a point. Kirsten’s research focuses on soundscapes in special needs care […]

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