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Searching for the best acoustic standard for healthcare.

When we are sick just opening the door to a hospital takes us out of our comfort zone. Our system is already stressed and our senses are therefore alert. We are more sensitive to sound and noise than normal – and in hospitals this can be a challenge. Sleep is essential. Patients are affected by […]

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Neurodiversity – should acousticians be paying attention to this topic?

  There is ever increasing acknowledgement of the need for diversity of thought within all spheres of society. When it comes to the workplace, understanding more about this topic and how people on the edges of the spectrum can be better supported within workplaces, will contribute to evolving organisations into more inclusive environments. “Neurodiversity” refers […]

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Podcast episode: Healthcare noise

Soundproofist Soundproofist is a great blog and podcast universe about noise and acoustics issues driven by Cary Norsworthy and on the website she states that ”Noise is a power struggle. Noise creates conflict. Conversely, acoustics is an art. And learning what makes acoustics sound great is a skill that each of us can learn.” – […]

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9-year-old researcher!

Institute of Noise Control Engineering – USA (INCE USA) is hosting Noise-Con 2020  from the 16th – 20th November 2020 and the really interesting program this year includes a very special speaker. Remember the name Nora Keegan Canadian Nora Keegan is one of the key note speakers this year and she will discuss some of […]

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Hospital corridors – how do they sound?

Standards in Europe Standards and guidelines for room acoustics in healthcare are lacking in general and very few countries have mandatory regulations in this field. And even in countries with guidelines for other public buildings (e.g. schools) healthcare standards – and particularly detailed standards including corridors don’t exist. Just to mention a few –  Czech […]

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How do acoustics impact children with Autism Spectrum Disorder?

The has been a lack research focusing on which facets of the indoor environment should be impacting ASD students’ behavior. “A lot of research has been conducted around children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), but little has been available that has focused on facets of the environment that could be impacting their behavior. In previous […]

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Good acoustics and air quality combine to increase student concentration, well being and learning conditions

Good classroom design works as a 3rd Pedagogue! In a post-Covid world this applied study has become even more relevant to ensure sustainable teaching and learning environments. This research carried out by University of Bremen ISF – Institute for interdisciplinary School Research into the impact of improving ventilation was based on previous studies (Bremen III) […]

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Room acoustic quality to support inclusion in schools: Research presented at Internoise 2020

Teaching has changed and so have learning approaches of our children. The school is no longer the place for endless teacher monologues and our children are expected to participate in discussions, in group work and in cross discipline projects. Mainstream teaching today is not the same as it was only 15 years ago and the […]

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Noisy dental clinics! Interesting research presented at Internoise 2020

Internoise 2020 in Korea was held as an e-congress and the committee made it possible for all the attendees to access papers and pre-recorded presentations whenever they wanted to. An impressive platform with papers, presentations, chat rooms, videos, e-exhibition and sponsor’s opportunities was open for 2 weeks and a lot of excellent material was accessible. […]

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Combination of Absorbers and Diffusers – An Experimental Study in a Classroom

This study provides information on how different acoustic treatments can be used to obtain different room acoustic qualities, and can be used to improve and fine-tune the room acoustic parameters for better speech and listening conditions in classrooms. The background overview The most common acoustical treatment in ordinary classrooms is a suspended sound absorbing ceiling. […]

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