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Combination of Absorbers and Diffusers – An Experimental Study in a Classroom

This study provides information on how different acoustic treatments can be used to obtain different room acoustic qualities, and can be used to improve and fine-tune the room acoustic parameters for better speech and listening conditions in classrooms. The background overview The most common acoustical treatment in ordinary classrooms is a suspended sound absorbing ceiling. […]

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Effect of sound on nurses’ task performance

It is no secret that sound affects people in healthcare. Various studies over the years have shed light on how care and cure of patients get difficult if the sound environments are not supporting the activities. Patients suffer Patients are affected by sound levels in hospitals – and during the years the sound levels has […]

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Internoise 2020: Binge watch paper presentations like Netflix!

”Good evening, good morning or good afternoon…” –  that was how Internoise 2020 was kicked off today Sunday the 23rd of August at 20.00 KST – live on youtube for the whole world to attend. For the first time ever Internoise is held as an e-congress and The Korean Society for Noise and Vibration Engineering […]

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New podcast: Sound without walls

One of our editors, Andrea Harman, has had the opportunity to discuss in a new podcast how room acoustics play an important part in biophilic design. Our hearing is often key in our perception of the world around us; it helps us to interact, communicate and be aware of what is happening and impending change. […]

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Heart rate is a medically recognised stressor – Noise reduction gives teachers a significant long-term benefit

This is not new, however it is a fundamental aspect to consider when designing optimal sustainable indoor environments. By measuring/recording the heart rate of teachers, an indicator of stress was apparent in lessons and also over a longer more sustained period. Here is a short insight overview on stress as stated by ASA (American Heart […]

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Seeing sound: Psychoacoustics of work and play – Learning sessions in the time of Covid-19

The global Covid-19 pandemic has profoundly affected the way we live and work. Connection is both far more challenging due to social distancing measures, and also far easier because of the connectivity that is provided through the internet and digital platforms. Everywhere one looks, there is another previously face-to-face activity that has been moved online […]

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How close are we to understanding how buildings affect our emotion?

Having met Isabella Bower while she was a research associate with the research team LEaRN we have been following her own research about how buildings affect our emotion. So we asked her to share insights from her research examining how design characteristics of buildings modulate neural networks involved in emotion regulation. Isabella’s work explores what […]

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Effect of room acoustics on sound-field steady-state response (ASSR) measurements

PhD defense Thursday the 28th of May 2020, Valentina Zapata-Rodriguez defended her PhD at DTU. Because of the Corona situation the PhD defense was planned to be online (on Teams) and I am impressed by the way Valentina handled this. Normally, you can interact with the audience and the committee in an auditorium – but […]

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Prevent arousals and awakenings in hospitals

In search for a noisy environment? Visit a hospital. Studies show that noise levels are high due to operational activities, communication, alarms and noise from medical equipment, along with structural sounds from the building (such as ventilation and closing doors). Already back in 1859, nurse Florence Nightingale declared how “unnecessary noise is the most cruel abuse […]

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Diffuse sound fields in healthcare facilities?

Calculate right! Some years ago Saint-Gobain Ecophon published a new tool for calculating room acoustics. The tool makes it possible for the user to see both Sabine calculations on reverberation time, speech clarity and room gain – AND it makes it possible for the user also to see calculations based on air flow resistivity (AFR). […]

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