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Evidence Based Design – quieter hospitals improve patient outcomes


Evidence Based Hospital Design (EBD) is a new field that guides health care construction. Research indicates that well-designed physical settings play an important role in helping hospitals to support patients healing and making hospitals better places for staff to work. The findings support the importance of improving a range of design characteristics or interventions, including good acoustic environments, nature distractions and daylight.

The state of knowledge of EBD has grown rapidly in recent years. And today we know that a building exerts a powerful force on the delivery of health care. Studies suggest that natural light, quiet surroundings and scenes of nature can, among other things, reduce patient stress.
“Design is not just focusing on making new hospitals pretty and nice. It’s focusing on the patient outcomes we want from building design, says Anjali Joseph, director of research at the Center for Health Design.
Read more about Evidence Based Design in the report from the Center for Health Design.

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