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“Exchange of Knowledge”

Reported live from Ecophon 5th International Acousticians’ Seminar

Julie DockrellYesterday Julie Dockrell, University of London, gave a speech titled School acoustics – from science via guidelines to practice. Being a psychologist, she looks at acoustics from a different perspective. She thinks the seminar is “an excellent learning experience”.

“The exchange of knowledge between different disciplines is very important. It helps you ask better questions. It also gives me an opportunity to discuss with acousticians of where psychology might or might not fit in. One acoustician said to me ‘Why do we need to bother about psychology?’. So an event like this is a way of helping other people to understand human behaviour.”

You’re from the academic world. Many attendees are working with this practically, consultants in room acoustics for example. What do you think about the balance between these dimensions here?

“Some of the presentations have been practical in orientation in terms of what you do in these kinds of context. People are also very good at asking real-world questions so I think that’s quite useful” says Julie Dockrell.

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