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Our podcast goes In Pursuit of Silence

Sound can be described as having an “invisible presence” but is this negative or positive? If your neighbour is having a party and you want peace and quiet, your perception of the sound you are hearing is very different from theirs. Within this fifth podcast, we discuss how silence can be the means for us […]

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Over 30 presentation films from EIAS 2015 now online!

Trevor Cox – Professor of Acoustics at Salford University Manchester, UK We now have over 30 films available to watch in short and full length versions. We hope you enjoy listening to the new knowledge , research and case studies which were presented earlier this month at EIAS 2015 in Sweden. To give you an […]

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Sports lessons can have a big impact on our hearing!

Acoustics in Dutch sports halls In the Netherlands a short item was broadcasted on national TV by SBS6 Hart van Nederland it was made to demonstrate the impact sports hall acoustic have on our hearing and especially the teachers who spend much of their time there as they feel the impact on their working conditions. […]

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More than 130 films on sound and acoustics as a resource for you!

  Did you know that you at this moment we have more than 130 films about sound and acoustics available on Acoustic Bulletin´s YouTube channel? These you can use for your own competence building and inspiration, include in education and training about acoustics when you want to raise awareness about acoustics. And more films on interesting […]

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Round Table: Future Office Workspace, HD Movies

On September 25th, 09:00-11:00, a round table session was held in Malmö, Southern Sweden.HD movies are now online. Click image above to see the summary video! The conclusion was that the main driving forces for the office of 2020 were: 1. Leadership and corporate culture 2. Empowered employees 3. Flexibility 4. Technology 5. Company Identity […]

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Nursing insights and testimonials on healthcare environments

Acoustic Bulletin got an opportunity to talk to a nurse with long experience and balanced, insightful perspectives on many challenges and realities of healthcare – related to sound and acoustics, but also other scenarios. This resulted in 16 short films sharing 9 Insights from the heart of healthcare and also 7 testimonials to that sound […]

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Seminar about acoustics in TABS classrooms

This Acoustics in TABS Classrooms Seminar on Thursday 27th June, will be held at the Saint-Gobain Innovation Centre in London. Thermally Active Building Systems (or TABS) which utilise exposed thermal mass for temperature stabilisation are increasing as an educational building type due to energy efficiency and potential reduced running costs. However TABS buildings have specific […]

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John Hanlon Interview at EFMC 2013

Paige Hodsman, Concept Developer Office UK, discusses with John Hanlon about the importance of productivity, how acoustic is linked to it, and where the responsibilities should be. John was a speaker at the conference and held a session on May 23rd called “How the Facility Manager can influence Workplace Productivity” “Facilities managers understand that their […]

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Fun Balloon Pops can make robust acoustic data easy to understand!

As recently demonstrated at some of the Sound Education events – what better way to demonstrate different acoustic treatments and the associated room responses perceived! Following some recent EDUnet field work, here are some short comparison examples from Essex Study classrooms. A quick and simple way to explain the impact of increasing the amount of […]

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Groundbreaking series of four Sound Education international seminars now completed in 2012

The Sound Education*(1) seminars have created a legacy of online resources including filmed presentations on four YouTube playlists per event in local languages, research, study downloads and an App*(5) launched for the events. Moreover, the latest TED talk* by*(4) Julian Treasure has taken the acoustic message to a higher level and highlighted the importance of […]

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