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Good acoustics as an extra source of income in restaurants

Internoise 2019, Madrid It’s all about money! Juan Negreira held a really inspiring presentation at Internoise 2019 – about how a room acoustic intervention in a restaurant lead to better income. Below are his findings and discussion and if you want to know more about the project and get access to the original paper, you […]

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Students and staff delighted as acoustics improves at the architectural college of Madrid

In an effort to improve the comfort, the students’ cafeteria at the architectural college of Madrid, ETSAM-UPM, was acoustically treated.  Dr. César Diaz and his team at ETSAM-UPM, grabbed the opportunity to make measurements before and after, to quantify the improvement. Results showed that a large reduction of the reverberation time (from 2.3s to 0.8s) and an increase […]

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