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Acoustic privacy and screens – What are the technical details?

How do you improve acoustic privacy in open offices? This might be the most important question for anyone designing or managing open office spaces as speech noise is the primary contributor to distractions for office workers [1]. The answer is that the right acoustic features must be in place, from the very base build of […]

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Design dive: Open offices, part 2 – Geometry

Designing good office acoustics is notoriously hard. We give you the exact guidance you need for this task in this blog post series. What are the primary factors for acoustic design you should consider when working with open offices? How should you approach the task of designing or improving the sound environment in an open-plan […]

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ISO 22955: Acoustic quality of open offices

A new international standard was recently released focusing on one of the most complex indoor sound environments, the open office. Delivering you clear instructions for creating great acoustics in demanding environments is one of our main objectives, so we are happy to update you on the new ISO 22955. So what is its scope and […]

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