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The Sound guide – a support to design well-functioning hospitals

Lars Johansson, functional planner at Locum

As a property developer, it’s important to be as clear as possible when defining your room acoustic requirements. With this in mind, Locum and Ecophon have developed a “Sound Guide” to achieve a good acoustic outcome in healthcare buildings.

Lars Johansson, functional planner at Locum who is involved in developing the Sound guide, says: “The Sound guide is a useful tool for us when deciding our acoustic requirements in “sound sensitive” rooms.”

What we all want is a good and appropriate sound environment, but what is a good sound environment? And how do we create it………?

The Sound guide is based on a number of questions, which include for example; What room type is it? Will noise sensitive patients occupy the room? Is the room constantly or only occasionally occupied? The answers to these questions will indicate which room acoustic aspects need to be addressed (for example; low sound levels, limited sound propagation or good speech clarity) and which solutions are required to achieve the optimum acoustic outcomes.
Locum is one of Sweden’s larger property managers, and the major tenants are healthcare institutions in the Stockholm County. Lars Johansson, functional planner at Locum who is involved in developing the Sound guide, says:
When planning refurbishments, extensions and new buildings, we will primarily use the Sound guide in our discussions with our tenants, physicians and nurses. Being the acoustic laymen we are, it is not always easy for us to interpret the content of the acoustic guidelines and regulations. The Sound guide will really make that easier for us. We are very grateful that Ecophon has allocated time to develop the tool.”
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