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This morning’s summary – speech privacy in healthcare premises


This morning at 09:20 the session called healthcare acoustics & speech privacy – international perspectives started. Chaired by William Cavanaugh , David Sykes and Kerstin Persson Waye, the session provided an overview of emerging policies around the world.

Some of the conclusions are that the development of acoustic standards and guidelines for Healthcare facilities is really accelerating. David Sykes of ASA highlighted several waves of technological, economical and social trends that are responsible for that.

Specifically looking at speech privacy, in increasing amount of countries is taking measures to secure privacy. The HIPPA law in the USA, for example, Adrian Popplewell of Arup Acoustics summarized the HIPPA as following:
“Health information..’whether oral or recorded’… must not be disclosed.”
Laws like these offer great opportunities to further develop suitable room acoustic standards specifically for Healthcare. Furthermore we see intensive work being perfomed to include room acoustics in guidelines on sustainability like GGHC, BREAM and LEED.
Please click here to see the full list of speakers at this session.
By Marc Janssen, Concept Developer – Health Care, Ecophon.

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