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5 short questions – with Ann Charlotte Thysell


Monday afternoon, a short interview with Ann Charlotte Thysell of Tyrens in Sweden

Ann Charlotte Thysell is a technical doctor in acoustics and works as an acoustic consultant for Tyrens in Sweden.

What brings you to Inter-noise 2010, Ann-Charlotte?
– Most of all, a good mixture of all kinds of acoustic topis and especially within the field of building and room acoustics. And a meeting on Round Robin Tests planned on Thursday this week.

What topic is most interesting sofar and why?
– The session on classroom acoustics and especially Maria klatte’s lecture. It is a clear and interesting study on the need to lower reverberation times, since her study showed that it affects the willingness of pupils of coming back to school after a leave.

What would you like to see at a future conference?
– I would like to see more studies showing the link between subjectieve experience of people and and the design of the physical environment (it’s my speciality and interst from the time I was a PhD student.)
If you had an unlimited research budget, what would you explore?
– There is an increasing awareness of the role of subjectiveness of people and it is not only about regulations. More awareness is present sofar in schools, due to regulations and occupational health services, compared to offices. I would like to invest into showing that effectiveness of office staff can increase while working with acoustics and to come up with figures and facts and guidelines, a standard will support that work.
And last, what advice would you give an enduser planning a new building to ensure they optimize the sound envrionment?
– I would point out to them to start as early as possible, to involve a professional and be sure what you want and what the objective of the room is. As favourite descriptors she mentions, privacy radius and DL2, but states at the same time that every situation deserves the use of different parameters.
Bonus question: Who will win the WorldCup in Football?

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