A healing environment for violent offenders

Helix, located in beautiful natural surroundings in Flemingsberg, south of Stockholm, is one of Sweden’s most modern forensic psychiatric care facilities. Helix combines high levels of
security with a healing, sound-friendly interior.

We know that architecture, space, sound, colours and light can have a positive effect on the human psyche,” says Magnus Kristiansson, deputy director and unit manager at the Stockholm
region’s forensic psychiatric care service. “The big windows in the wards and the patients’ rooms provide natural daylight from all directions. Patients can feel the day progressing as they
look out over calming scenery,” observes Anna Rolf, the architect who designed the facility.

In spite of the large, open spaces, noise levels in the common room are fairly low. “Thanks to good space planning and the use of noise-reducing materials, we’ve managed to create a space that people enjoy being in,” says Magnus Kristiansson.


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