A literary smorgasbord on sound and noise

A selection of books on sound and noise.

Here are some examples of books that have been published over the last years on noise and sound.  Noise action week provides you with a literary smorgasbord! http://www.noiseactionweek.org.uk/five-noise-books-quiet-bank-holiday-read

  • Why Noise Matters – John Stewart et al, 2011
  • Discord – Dr Mike Goldsmith, 2012
  • The Great Animal Orchestra – Bernie Krause, 2013
  • Noise – A Human History of Sound and Listening – David Hendy, 2013
  • Sonic Wonderland – Trevor Cox, 2014


Noise Action Week 2014 provides an opportunity for everyone concerned with noise to raise awareness of the impact noise has on our health and wellbeing. http://www.noiseactionweek.org.uk/

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