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Acoustic awareness raised at EFMC2012


The Ecophon office network joined up in an effort to raise acoustic awareness among the facility management community, at EFMC 2012, trying to emphasise the importance of thinking about acoustics at an early stage, and the influence of acoustics to people’s satisfaction, performance and well-being.

Facility managers, workplace designers, and others within the >700 attendants at this international conference were curious about discussing the question “How does your office sound?”. Many of them were aware of the difficulties with acoustics in offices, particularly in open spaces and were interested in talking about possible solutions.

Discussions on how to improve acoustics, with ceilings, carpets, wall panels, screens etc and combinations thereof were held at the booth, as well as which acoustic qualities to focus on and measure in different spaces, and the standards available (such as the new ISO3382-3)
Themes such as New ways of working, Future expectations of the workplace, Sustainability, Corporate Social Responsibility and their impact on future office design and faciility management were presented by speakers from companies such as IKEA, Statoil, Gensler Architects, Nokia, Sony Mobile among others.

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