Acoustic guide for design of French Kindergartens, Day Care Centres and Nurseries


The French National Noise Council (CNB) has published a guide for designers to nurseries, kindergartens and Day Care, to help them take better account of the sound environment in these institutions

During the 7th National Conference on quality of the sound environment in Lyon, Segolene Royal, Minister of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy, expressed the wish, among other commitments, to improve the acoustic quality of those spaces. It therefore requested the CNB to achieve a guide. In these sensitive institutions, the problem of noise is far from trivial: its influence on the behavior of children, their state of tension, agitation or aggression, is notorious. Noise, stress factor, fatigue or illness, has also a direct impact on the health of staff. Through the recommendations in this guide, the National Noise Council wishes to inform the designers and managers of nurseries, kindergartens and Day Care and help them to take better account of the sound environment in these institutions. Although primarily intended for the case of new buildings, the recommendations of this work may, for some of them, be considered in the case of work in existing establishments.

The drafting of this guide was given to the technical committee of CNB. Led by Mathias Meisser , a group of experts of this commission (associations, building professionals , consultants and control, qualified personalities … ) has put all his skills to those recommendations that have been consultation , especially with the Association of Mayors of France and nurseries network representatives. The guide was officially launched 23th of June at the Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy.

Link to the guide

For more information contact: Yoan Le-Muet

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