Acoustic intervention at St. Marien-Krankenhaus Siegen Hospital, Germany

Ingrid Fuchs (Concept Developer Healthcare Environments at Ecophon Germany) and Dr Martin Schmelling (Specialist in Anesthetics, St.Marys Hospital)

In July 2014 an acoustic optimization started in the pre located areas of the OR (pre-op and post-op patient areas) at the St. Marien Hosptal in Siegen, Germany.

It has been a challenge for the technical management to keep the room acoustics on the agenda, during the whole planning process of the hospital refurbishment.

The quality of better speech intelligibility, a calmed working environment hasn’t been explored before – so it has been, let’s say an unknown advantage.

Today the staff and the technical management are fortunate to have the new “silence”.

The technical manager explains how this calm and supportive work environment has become part of his success story too.

It will help him to consider an activity based acoustic design in future building processes. Now this operator understands why and appreciates the benefits of investing in an activity based acoustic design from the outset.

The staff satisfaction showed immediate positive effects – so did the willingness to accept the investment to this supportive functionality.

To see how people experienced the acoustic difference before and after watch here….

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