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Acoustics in call centres – still a hot topic in France

Ill. Logica Call Centre, Bridgend, UK

A lot has been written about working conditions in call centres and other customer contact centres, but actually very little about acoustics. Apart from the fact that they are noisy and that employees tend to suffer from noise exposure similar to that of industry workers.
That is why, the French Stadardization body AFNOR, supported by INRS, a French Institute competent in the area of occupational risk prevention, organizes a full day on the subject. Some of the contributions:
ergonomical approach
hearing risks related to call centre work
acoustic perfomance of call centre facilities: descriptors, workstation treatment vs room acoustic treatment, developments in head set technology and training of workers.

Venue: AFNOR, St Denis
Date: 19th of November, 9.15 – 17.15

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