Author: Alexey Archakov

The Problem With Acoustic Simulations

Predicting sound absorption is in general troublesome. We have too many definitions; e.g. normal incidence, random incidence, field incidence, angle-dependent absorption coefficient, local-reaction or extended reaction absorption coefficient, etc.  Another problem is that there are various standardised methods, but none of them can give an absolute truth. Cheol-Ho Jeong,  Associate Professor at DTU, was one […]

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Simplifying acoustics

Acoustics can be confusing, here’s how to simplify it For someone that is new to the world of acoustics, going to a conference like Internoise can be an eye-opener in terms of the width of disciplines that’s included under the umbrella of acoustics. Acoustic Bulletin focuses to a large degree on room acoustics, and we […]

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Acoustic improvements lower teacher heart rate, voice levels and improve the general experience

Better acoustics in the classroom reduce the teacher’s heart rate, according to research by students at a leading technological institute in the Czech Republic. Negative stress leads to bad decisions and poorer performance. When we are under stress, our heart rate increases, which is a good measure of how stressed we are. Jana Dolejší, a […]

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Sound schools: the importance of good acoustics

When we speak, we push air from our lungs, which continues up through the neck via the vocal chords, which in turn vibrate and create sound. The sound continues on via the nasal cavity and oral cavity, creating sound waves that are released into the room. These sound waves are received by someone’s ears via […]

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Sound and school design from three architects’ point-of-view

In this post, we have collated three architects’ views on the role of sound in designing school buildings. The listening architect Architects focus on sight, as this has been quoted by giants such as Aristotle, Vitruvius, Palladio and Corbusier as “the noblest of all arts”. In other words, sight has been perceived by many as the […]

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7 perspectives on how to design the human centered workplace

How can we design a workplace fit for purpose? This was the overall question on the international seminar Human Centric Workplaces held in Stockholm November 30. Seven highly recognised experts all delivered the same conclusion: There is no one-fit-all answer. This conclusion is why seminars and conferences like this are so important to the industry. […]

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‘Good’ and ‘bad’ healthcare acoustics

The sound environment impacts on our well-being. In healthcare, patients and staff are seen to both feel and do better in an environment with ‘good’, sound-absorbing acoustics, as opposed to being in surroundings with sound-reflecting, or ‘bad’, acoustics. Sound-reflecting vs. sound-absorbing acoustics Research comparing the impact of sound-reflecting and sound-absorbing acoustics on healthcare staff and patients […]

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EIAS2015 special: Why use acoustic regulations, standards and guidelines?

When designing for good acoustics, how do you make sure you follow the rules and demands of a certain space? You will (at least) have to look at: The requirements = What you are trying to achieve acoustically. The legal standards, the building regulations and guidelines = The way this is going to be achieved. […]

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High tech research facility can still require simple acoustic solutions

On the plains of southern Sweden, a futuristic building reminiscent of a spaceship sets the tone for the landscape. This is MAX IV, currently one of the most talked about research facilities, not just in Sweden, but internationally as well. This is where Sweden will be offering researchers and companies the best source of x-rays […]

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Celebrating the anniversary of EIAS2015!

A year has passed by since the Ecophon International Acousticians’ Seminar (EIAS) was held in Sweden last year. The conference offered a range of speakers from a multi-disciplinary background, who all had (at least) one big thing in common: an enthusiasm for improving architectural acoustics. “I had no expectations of what this would be like. I found […]

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