Author: Juan Negreira

Listening tests in room acoustics

Last June 24th, Daniel de la Prida defended his PhD thesis [1] at the Technical University of Madrid (Spain). His research focused on the assessment of the subjective perception both in architectural and environmental acoustics. In the following, a summary of Daniel de la Prida’s research (mostly focused on room acoustics) is given. All the […]

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Noise in shopping centres

Shopping centers are frequented not only by people with commercial intentions, but also by visitors with social and leisure purposes. The latter implies that there is often a large circulation in the different spaces of the shopping centre, which are generally large, open-plan, and with high ceilings. In addition to that, there is also often […]

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Understanding a rooms natural vibes! Eigenfrequencies and eigenmodes of a reverberant chamber

Juan Negreira, our Concept Developer at S-G Ecophon Spain, explains in this video what the phenomena of resonance and eigenmodes of a room are. Likewise, he exemplifies the concepts by means of a simple experiment carried out inside the reverberant chamber of Lund University (Sweden). A structure (either solid of fluid), due to the fact […]

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Multipurpose spaces function much better for their activities after acoustic improvements

The Municipal Music School of Pinto, in Madrid was in need of improving the acoustics of its facilities in order to further motivate its students and offer teachers a healthier work environment. More specifically, a multipurpose room as well as the entrance hall were treated with “Class A” absorbing acoustic solutions acoustic solutions. The latter […]

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Reverberation room vs Anechoic Chamber

Here is a short film where our editor Juan Negreira demonstrates some aspects around the acoustic free field, and the broad range of acoustic dynamics which can be found between two acoustic opposites. This is a chance to experience and share difference between being inside a room coated with highly absorptive material versus in a […]

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