Author: Manit Ramaiya

Speech intelligibility and public sound systems

There’s an important difference between music and speech. The brain is capable of “filling in” a fair amount of missing information in music.  There’s a high degree of predictability. Generally while hearing music, if you didn’t get the bass line or some part of the song which you are keen on listening in the first […]

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Are we listening or hearing in classrooms? The Indian perspective

There seems to be a universal agreement with the fact that proper acoustic treatment of a classroom will enhance comprehension abilities of its audience. This is more true with children as occupants compared with adults. To understand better, let’s first look at how our brain perceives sound. The adult brain takes all sounds we hear […]

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Educational Environments 178

An Indian architect’s perspective on indoor acoustics

Our Indian office acoustics specialist, Manit Ramaiya has interviewed experienced architect Zainab Mukadam Baig from leading architectural and interior design firm Concept Architectural Services. Not too unexpected, she explains that there are quite some cultural differences when comparing Indian offices with western counterparts, but did you also know that Indian architects face challenges like lack […]

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Office Environments 117

Busting the most common myths about room acoustics!

Acoustics is more often considered a niche subject than the other physical aspects of interior comfort. Maybe this is why assumptions and preconseptions guide the way in which people tend to deal with the sound quality of the interior environment.  In India where I’m from, I’m frequently confronted by several presumptions or myths when I meet specifiers and the users of interior spaces. In […]

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Acoustics miscellaneous 220 Office Environments 117