Author: Lauren Clark

Neurodiversity – should acousticians be paying attention to this topic?

  There is ever increasing acknowledgement of the need for diversity of thought within all spheres of society. When it comes to the workplace, understanding more about this topic and how people on the edges of the spectrum can be better supported within workplaces, will contribute to evolving organisations into more inclusive environments. “Neurodiversity” refers […]

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Seeing sound: Psychoacoustics of work and play – Learning sessions in the time of Covid-19

The global Covid-19 pandemic has profoundly affected the way we live and work. Connection is both far more challenging due to social distancing measures, and also far easier because of the connectivity that is provided through the internet and digital platforms. Everywhere one looks, there is another previously face-to-face activity that has been moved online […]

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Sound and the senses at the centre of the design process

It’s refreshing to see an architectural graduate student who has used sound and the senses as key components that drive the architectural concept. Those of us who work in the industry are far too used to seeing acoustics being considered late in a project or not at all.  In this article, we hear from Ashlea […]

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Sensing the space – New podcast episode

In this special edition of the A Sound Effect on People podcast, we join Lauren Kruger and Dr Annemarie Lombard in South Africa and delve into the effect of our senses and so-called sensory intelligence in our daily life. Click and listen   This episode gives an insight into how the sensory stimuli affect the way we act within our […]

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