Baltic and Nordic Acoustic Meeting 2014

During the first week in June, the 60th BNAM was held in Tallinn, Estonia with around 250 acousticians attending. The conference took place at the University of Tallinn and among the keynote speakers was Professor Trevor Cox (below) who had a great presentation about how to popularise acoustics.

BNAM Trevor Cox

Prof.Trevor Cox University of Salford

Included in the programme was a session about room acoustic descriptors and in this session Mai-Britt Beldam, presented her pilot study; which included listening tests for 7 year old children in the two identical rooms with different acoustic treatment. Her presentation led to many questions and a smaller debate about whether Reverberation Time (RT) as a descriptor is ‘enough’, if it is short enough and if it has the ‘right’ curve across all the frequencies.


For more info contact (the above), Mai-Britt Beldam Concept Developer Educational Environments, Saint-Gobain Ecophon, Denmark

BNAM Deaf-Blind acoustician singing

At the main social activity, a dinner in a 16th century house in Tallinn: A deaf-blind acoustician sang ‘The Deaf-Blind Blues’. He can not hear but when he touches the guitar he feels the vibrations and sings his heart out! Amazing and in tune!

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