Being critically ill and surrounded by noise – doctoral thesis

Lotta Johansson Disputation 2014
Lotta Johansson Disputation 2014

On November 21st Lotta Johansson of Gothenburg university defended her doctoral thesis at the Ph.D. disputation held at Academicum. The title of thesis is “Being critically ill and surrounded by sound and noise. Patient experiences, staff awareness and future challenges”.

The aim of thesis was to show how critically ill patients experience sound and noise, as well as looking at what the staff can do to improve the sound environment. The study shows that critically ill patients are exposed to high levels of intermittent noise, and that they actually remember many of them from their stay. Some sounds were described as positive, while some of them turned out to cause helplessness and fear. The fact that sounds come suddenly and are unpredictable is highlighted, as well as the need for staff to be more aware.

The abstract and full paper version of the thesis can be found using this link: 

Watch the video interview with Lotta about the impact of noise on ICU delirium from Internoise 2010:

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