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Can open-plan offices really be that bad?


A fierce debate occurred recently, mainly regarding the negative effects of open-plan offices. Open-plan offices make people ill – we could read in media! Stress, colds and decreased productivity are the backsides, Australian researchers say. In 90 percent of the research, the outcome of working in an open-plan office was seen as negative! Can it really be so bad?

High levels of stress, conflicts, staff turnover, lack of personal identity, high sound levels, virus spreading etc. etc. The researcher Dr. Vinesh Oommen, of the Queensland University of Technology’s Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation, stated that the evidence was absolutely shocking!
With all these negative news, why on earth can we then see a clear increase in this room type? There got to be something good about it, also from the office workers point of view! Beneath, you can follow the debate in some media. I will try to find some good and positive news next time!
Turn down open landscapes (in Swedish)
Thumbs down! (in Swedish)
Medium sized open plans, the worst! (in Swedish)
Makes people ill! (in Swedish)
Open plan office lower productivity! (English)
The evidence is overwhelming! (English)
Offices life! (in English)

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