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The issue of sound environments in healthcare is serious and has an impact. This became clear at the interdisciplinary symposium Care for Sound in Lund, Sweden. The symposium venue was filled with architects, functional planners, academic researchers, healthcare staff and others interested in learning more about the impact of sound and acoustics in healthcare, from Sweden and the rest of Europe. The speakers at Care for Sound were Per Thorgaard, Töres Theorell, Kerstin Persson-Waye, Johannes Van den Berg, Patrik Grahn and Maria Quinn. You can now watch all the presentations and interviews with the speakers at the YouTube channel. There is also proceedings available in pdf format. For this and more info go to

 “The sound environments in intensive care are unacceptable and are in many cases unnecessary loud,” says Kerstin Persson-Waye, Professor of Occupational and Environmental Medicine at Gothenburg University, Sweden. Plenty of the most annoying sounds in healthcare are mundane, like alarms, telephones, doors and voices – sound levels which it is possible to lower with the right space planning. Comfortable acoustic environments help us focus, make us calm and less error prone, which all are very important in healthcare. See the Interview with Kerstin here

The Care for Sound Event was arranged by the Sound Environment Center at Lund University in collaboration with Ecophon.

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