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Ventilation through acoustic ceilings – What is diffuse ceiling ventilation?

Designing a holistic indoor environment can be challenging. It will often entail several compromises between quality of different aspects of well-being. It is extremely rare that a solution comes along that both enhances indoor comfort, reduces complexity of design while also saving money and lowering emissions. It definitely is extremely rare, but it happens. Diffuse […]

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New research shows that a lower reverberation time helps children cope with multi-talker listening situations

How children make sense of the complex signals they hear in the classroom depends partly on their hearing and cognitive abilities. But newly published research shows more about the important part played by the acoustic environment in this process; specifically, the role of reverberation time.  The ability to make sense of what you are hearing […]

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Hospital acoustics often fall by the wayside

In many older hospital buildings, noise is disruptive and continuous; for this reason, particular attention was paid to the acoustics in the new intensive and intermediate care unit in Seinäjoki, Finland. According to a nationwide study, on average 55% of those working in healthcare would like to see improvements to the sound environment of working facilities. […]

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WHO predict global increase in hearing loss in young people: challenges and acoustic solutions

Hearing loss in young people aged 12-35 years is a growing issue worldwide [1]. Smart phones and iPads have come to dominate children’s lives and yet regulations limiting sound levels are not in place. Meanwhile, parents are struggling to regulate their children’s device usage. In 2022, the WHO’s estimated increase globally in the number of […]

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Embracing Aural Diversity in Education through Universal Design for Learning

Classrooms the world over are filled with children that have a range of hearing conditions: from tinnitus and hearing loss to glue ear and noise sensitivity (hyperacusis). Meanwhile, schools claim to be “inclusive” without accommodating this aural diversity in any way. How can they achieve real inclusivity and accessibility by applying some of the core […]

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ISO 22955: Acoustic quality of open offices

A new international standard was recently released focusing on one of the most complex indoor sound environments, the open office. Delivering you clear instructions for creating great acoustics in demanding environments is one of our main objectives, so we are happy to update you on the new ISO 22955. So what is its scope and […]

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New standard for open-plan offices released

ISO 22955:2021 Acoustics — Acoustic quality of open office spaces This newly released international standard focuses on open office spaces. Office spaces are notoriously difficult to design from an acoustic standpoint. ISO 22955 will provide much needed clarity and guidance for acoustic designers. By dividing the activities of office work into subcategories and detailing all […]

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Hospital Soundscapes and Ways to Heal Them

“The soundscape of the average modern hospital is a cacophony of overlapping beeps, blats and pings from monitors, roaring ventilation systems, raucous bursts of conversation from visitors, patients and the nursing station, carts rumbling down hallways, televisions, phones. Sleep, essential to the healing process, is available primarily through medications. Even medicated sleep can be elusive, […]

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Counteracting post-pandemic literacy delays through better classroom acoustics

Effects of COVID-19 on children’s literacy levels worldwide After COVID-19 struck in January 2020, schools were some of the first institutions to close as wave upon wave of restrictions and lockdowns were applied globally. With such a sudden discontinuation of many children’s schooling, the effects of the pandemic on the learning and development have been […]

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Baltic-Nordic Acoustics Meeting 2021

The Nordic Acoustic Association and the Norwegian Acoustical Society invited scientists and engineers to attend the Baltic-Nordic Acoustic Meeting for 2021 this week and despite an online set-up the program consisted of keynote lectures, invited and contributed papers in structured parallel sessions. Some of the really interesting presentations are described here but you can find […]

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