Celebrating the anniversary of EIAS2015!

Selection of tweets and images from EIAS2015 (click to enlarge)
Selection of tweets and images from EIAS2015 (click to enlarge)

A year has passed by since the Ecophon International Acousticians’ Seminar (EIAS) was held in Sweden last year. The conference offered a range of speakers from a multi-disciplinary background, who all had (at least) one big thing in common: an enthusiasm for improving architectural acoustics.

“I had no expectations of what this would be like. I found this event more useful than any conference I have attended in the US.” – American EIAS2015 participant

It’s time to celebrate!

To celebrate the anniversary and be reminded of the knowledge shared during the seminar, the next couple of weeks we will provide you with a taste of each of the segments office, education and healthcare, and along with a post on more general thoughts and findings, all around our favourite topic – acoustics!

Until next time, feel free to indulge yourself with the complete list of speakers from EIAS below.

“It’s my third time at EIAS and as always it’s really good fun and it’s very interesting to meet people working with acoustics from so many diverse points of view; entrepreneurs, really nerdy acousticians and people working with the environment. It’s a pleasure being here! – Danish participant

EIAS 2015 in numbers

  • 35 speakers took to the stage
  • 180 participants
  • 23 different nationalities
  • Five of the seven continents were represented
  • 1132 tweets with the hashtag #EIAS2015 were sent
Events 90 Research 173

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