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Comprehensive piece of literature on acoustics for educational premises now available in German


“Don’t limit your senses – sound and the learning environment” is now available in an upgraded German version, entitled “Mit allen Sinnen lernen : akustische Ergonomie in. Bildungsstätten”.
ISBN 91-974193-4-6 and ISBN 978-91-974193-4-5

“Don’t limit your senses” has been recognised over the years as one of the few comprehensive sources of information on acoustics in learning environments. Among others, it is referred to by several public authorities and government bodies throughout the world.

The book highlights common problems found within the indoor environment in educational premises, it explains concepts and suggests measures to be taken. It covers research, legislation, case studies and advice on the learning environment.
“Don’t Limit your senses” is also available in English, Danish, Swedish and Dutch, and can be requested in one of the language version from your national Ecophon office.

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