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Conference facilities and their acoustic qualities


I must say that I have been to many acoustic conferences over the years, but all too often they are organized in buildings and facilities with acoustically rather inferior qualities. If not acoustic conferences utilize or chose spaces with adequate acoustics, which/who should then do it?

Being present at Euronoise in Prague, I must say that some of the lecture rooms have so poor acoustics that presenters cannot hear the questions from the audience. And the people sitting in the back can hardly hear what is being presented! And the canteen, especially while full of people, more resemble a reverberation chamber! And, as I said, I have seen it so many times before in other places and locations. Is it possibly time for a change and improvement?
Canteen at Euronoise in Prague
Acousticians and the conference organizations should strife for acoustical comfort in the premises! Then all can hear and enjoy the knowledge passed on!
Fantastic and “historic” elevator in Prague.

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