DAGA 2014 – The 40th Annual German Congress on Acoustics

The 40th Annual German Congress on Acoustics (DAGA 2014) was just organized in Oldenburg.

The main theme of the congress was “Hearing for all”: taking into account the timing of the DAGA, the largest German-language Congress on Acoustics, and the annual meeting of the German Society for Audiology (DGA).

The latest research results and recent developments in acoustics was highlighted and presented in plenary lectures, structured, open lecture and poster sessions, and an industry exhibition.

Saint-Gobain Ecophon was of course present through both human resources and an exhibition booth.

Papers on acoustics in offices, healthcare premises and schools were presented by;

Rainer Machner (Local Concept Development Manager/Offices)
Ingrid Fuchs (Local Concept Developer – Healthcare)
Holger Brokmann (Local Concept Developer – Education)

More information on the content of their presentations will follow.

DAGA 2014 in German

DAGA 2014 in English

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