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Design as a medicine in an ICU


Can the design of a room lead to quicker recovery?
That is what is being investigated in a project at an ICU at Södra Älvsborgs hospital in Borås, Sweden.

The design of the room includes the use of soft colors, the sound environment is being controlled by acoustic ceilings and the light can be adjusted to the hours of the day.

Ecophon arranged the ceilings and WSP, made acoustic measurements (according to Room Acoustic Comfort™). Contact Ecophon for more info on the measurements.

More info is available on Swedish Radio
The members in the project group as shown on the above picture:
1.Maria Berezecka, architect
2.Camilla Hentschel, interior designer
3. Berit Lindahl, researcher
4. Bodil Hjort, department manager
5. Peter Geiger, Chief Doctor

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