Do you want to shake hands with the French Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy ?

First, have you been good toward the sound environment lately?  Secondly: If so, do not forget to register to the “Golden Decibel“!

For 23 years, the “Golden Decibel” has been rewarding low noise initiatives. In 1991, the CNB (French National Council for Noise Reduction) created the Golden Decibel Award. The purpose is to reward innovative products or local achievements that truly contribute to bettering the noise environment there is no limit on who should apply : manufacturers, local authorities, private and public bodies, NGOs , laboratories- everybody is welcome you just need to choose the category you are competing for:

  • products and new technologies
  • acoustical materials
  • cities or transportation
  • prevention and awareness raising


The Noise Information and Documentation Center (CIDB) has taken the task to organise the award : Call for nominations, Coordinating the audit from experts, Communicating on the event & Organising the ceremony.

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