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Today almost all room acoustic calculations are based on the Sabine formula. Even though it is known that you often get different values when you compare calculations with actual measurements in a room. Therefore, Ecophon has developed a calculator in which the intention is to have more accurate acoustic values before measurements. The Ecophon Acoustic Calculator is as easy to use for existing rooms as for rooms that have not been built yet. The model behind the calculator is energy-based and the input data for the absorbers is air flow resistance.

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Considering more parameters than reverberation time, also for common rooms and not only performance spaces, is more and more becoming common knowledge in the field of room acoustics. Several standards have already been revised to also include parameters such as speech clarity and sound strength.

A new model for calculating the sound decay in rooms with absorbing ceilings has been developed. The model is especially adapted for the acoustical conditions that appear in rooms with sound-absorbing ceilings. The main idea behind the model is that the sound field in this type of room can be subdivided into two components referred to as the grazing and nongrazing sound fields. An important property of the model is that sound scattering due to furniture or other interior objects can be quantified as the transferring of sound energy from the grazing to the non-grazing sound field.

If you want to know / read more about the technical / acoustic background, read this post.

The Ecophon Acoustic Calculator was published last year, 2018, in English. It now exists on several different Ecophon websites, also in other languages, presently Russian, Danish, Swedish, French and Spanish. And hopefully more to come. Enjoy, calculate and create good sustainable room acoustic environments.

Below direct links to the various sites and language versions.

  • Corporate Ecophon site (English) Link
  • Russia (Russian) Link
  • Denmark (Danish) Link
  • Sweden (Swedish) Link
  • France (French) Link
  • Spain (Spanish) Link
  • United Kingdom (English) Link
  • Ireland (English) Link
  • India (English) Link
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