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Good acoustics with Wall Panels

As a complement to an acoustic ceiling it is sometimes useful to attach absorbing panels to the walls. This could be the case when a disturbing flutter echo is present or expected and gives an unpleasant coloration to the sound. Another situation is when the amount of sound diffusing objects is small, resulting in long reverberation times. A sometimes ignored fact is that the main complaint in many public premises for education and child-minding is the high noise levels. In these cases it is not enough to only consider that a certain reverberation time is achieved. Different acoustical treatment can give similar reverberation time but significant differences concerning the ability of reducing the disturbing noise. Concerning noise levels in rooms and it’s relation to the absorption it is mainly the amount of absorption that is of importance. This relation is not true for the reverberation time. Thus, wall absorbers are an excellent tool to create good and pleasant acoustical environments. Attaching the wall absorbers in a non-regular pattern could also be a benefit since this will increase the sound diffusion in the rooms which is desirable and good for the acoustics.

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