Our favourite sounds of the season includes the clink of a teaspoon stirring a cup of hot chocolate

Happy holidays! Here are our top five Christmas sounds!

Christmas is around the corner and if you ask what sense people associate this holiday with, most adults would probably answer taste. Actually, just thinking about it makes us hungry!

But what are your favourite Christmas sounds? In the middle of all the stress, have you tried closing your eyes and just listen? We asked some colleagues around the office and here are Acoustic Bulletin’s top five Christmas sounds:

  1. That amazing crunching of snow under your boot – granted this is not a given on Christmas, especially not in Hyllinge where our office is, but one can dream! @Decibel_dam recently shared this on Twitter:

  2. A Lucia procession entering the room (Swedish tradition which involves a candlelit procession of children dressed in white gowns singing traditional songs. Obviously something that came about before branding our country as the “safety-obsessed” country).
  3. The excited giggles from children when they see Santa coming on Christmas Eve (in Sweden, Santa comes to the party and hands out gifts to all ‘good’ children so they actually get to meet the big man in red).
  4. Lead music to one’s favourite Christmas movie (some movies that were mentioned; Home Alone, Love Actually and A Nightmare Before Christmas).
  5. The clinking sound of a teaspoon stirring a cup of hot chocolate/glögg (mulled wine)/<add your favourite hot beverage here>.


(Some grinch thought the best sound was the one of packing up the Christmas tree but that didn’t make the list!)

So there you have it. Which are your favourite Christmas sounds? Let us know using the comments below or if you prefer, use the hashtag #FavChrissySound on Twitter.

We wish all our readers a happy holiday and look forward to catching up with you in the new year!

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