About Acoustic Bulletin

Acoustic Bulletin is where we share news about, and reflections on, room acoustic design, communication and health issues in the indoor acoustic environment. This is a global platform where we write blog posts that provide quick access to knowledge, opinions and solutions for room acoustic design; a valuable tool for acousticians, building engineers, researchers and others with a keen interest in room acoustics and how it impacts people using the spaces.

We want to exchange knowledge and be an inspiration to support the creation of an acoustic environment that optimises the outcomes of people’s activities in working, learning and healing environments.

We welcome all technical and non-technical input, particularly seen from a users’ perspective, including the acoustics world as perceived in reality. We encourage debate and discussions where the focus leads to improving approaches to achieve good socially sustainable indoor environments in the future.

Acoustic Bulletin an initiative by Saint-Gobain Ecophon.

Need to get in contact with us?  Send us a mail: acousticbulletin@ecophon.se