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Huge media attention in Sweden for report on sound environment


Every other in Sweden is disturbed by Noise! According to a recent report, noise is a major problem at work. Almost every employee is affected, says the president of Hörselskadades (Hearing impaired) Association (HRF), who commissioned the report. “The problem with the sound environment is everywhere – even in school and at cafes for example.

Luckily an increasing amount of organisations have found ways to overcome this challenging sitiuation…

… by applying effctive ways to control the noise and even improving the perfomance and well-being of staff as a result. To know how they did it, read more here or contact one of the editors click hereSmart ways to master the sound environment are also discussed in the report. For offices, 17 suggestions are made:
1. Acoustic ceilings
2. Free hanging absorbing units
3. wall absorbers
4. bookshelves
The report referes to a questionnaire performed by Jonas Christensson of Ecophon and mentions outcomes from the study called Acoustic ergonomics of Schools, by G. Tiesler and Markus Oberdörster

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