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The German Acoustical Society (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Akustik, DEGA) hosted the 23rd International Congress on Acoustics in the beautiful and historical city of Aachen in September 2019.

Poster Session including research on hospital acoustics.
Poster Session including research on hospital acoustics.

The technical program included plenary, distinguished, invited, contributed, and poster papers covering all aspects of acoustics. There was also an extensive technical exposition highlighting the latest advances in acoustical products.

The last years have shown an increasing interest in healthcare acoustics and at ICA a dedicated session on hospital acoustics was chaired by Cheol-Ho Jeong (Technical University of Denmark – DTU), Paul Barach (Wayne State University School of Medicine) and Mai-Britt Beldam (Ecophon). The session was called:

“20 N – Acoustics and noise in hospitals: experience and impact on patients, staff and community well-being”

The program of session was as follows:

  • 08:4009:00: Ilene Busch-Vishniac, Next Steps in Hospital Noise Research
  • 09:0009:20: Thea Mathilde Larsen, Cheol-Ho Jeong, Mai-Britt Beldam, Jonas Brunskog, Christoffer Weitze, An investigation of room functions and acoustic demands in selected departments in three Danish hospitals
  • 09:2009:40: Khaleela Zaman, Peter Dodds, Ning Xiang, Paul Barach, Cognitive Effects of Noise on Hospital Emergency Department Staff
  • 09:4010:00: Jikke Reinten, Ella Braat-Eggen, Maarten Hornikx, Helianthe Kort, Armin Kohlrausch, Experimental Design to Measure the Effect of Room Acoustics on Prospective Memory of Hospital Nurses
  • 10:0010:20: Paul Barach, S Chawla, M Dwaihy, D Kamat, S Shankaran, B Panaitescu, B Wang, G Natarajan,A targeted noise reduction observational study for reducing noise in a neonatal intensive unit
  • 10:4011:00: Sugeng Joko Sarwono, Anugrah Sabdono Sudarsono, Aisyah Shabrina, Laudita Natasha Tamrin,Time-based soundscape evaluation of third-class hospital ward
  • 11:0011:20: Chiung Yao Chen,Characterizing Community Noise in Hospital
  • 11:2011:40: Sreeram Kaithali Narayanan, Søren Laugesen, Valentina Zapata-Rodriguez, Jonas Brunskog, Cheol-Ho Jeong,Effect of Head-Movement on Sound-Field Auditory Steady- State Response Measurement

The speakers, the chairs and other healthcare experts were gathered the night before – for a ‘sepakers’ dinner’-event.

Speakers' dinner
Speakers’ dinner


If you want to know more about the session, please contact Mai-Britt Beldam.


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