Impact of sound environment in healthcare settings

Watch Gunnar Öhlen, Chief Medical Officer at Karolinska University Hospital and Paul Barach, Guest professor at University of Oslo get together to discuss the effects of the sound environment in healthcare. Gunnar tells us about an overnight acoustic conditioning that was made in the trauma rooms. You can hear the difference in the video, as Gunnar says “hearing is believing”

Paul Barach tells us about the impact of noise on people, such as distraction, errors, inappropriate behavior, impatience, annoyance.  “Noise + Distraction + Interruptions are a perfect model for human errors”, he says.

The Fable Hospital reports are mentioned, and it is explained that designing well has very short payback time.

This video is a shortened version of a longer video that was recorded for the healthcare workshop at the EIAS conference 2011.



Healthcare Environments 147

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