Improving acoustic conditions at Mount Abu School in Delhi, India

Mount Abu School in Delhi, India, prides itself in providing the most advanced and optimized learning environments for its learners. That’s why the school offers an impressive array of technology for students like 3D printers and robotics, and also houses a STEM excellence center.

But the acoustic conditions left a lot to be desired. After noticing that echoes, noise and poor speech clarity in their classrooms was negatively affecting teacher and student performance and wellbeing, the school felt it was time to take responsibility for the situation and begin with preventative measures.

For Mount Abu School, the choice was Ecophon AdvantageTM E ceilings, which is a Class A acoustics solution (0.9 NRC – Noise Reduction Coefficient). These ceilings absorb 90% of the sound and thus contribute directly to the reduction of sound pressure levels, reverberation time and speech clarity in classrooms.

This video below demonstrates before and after acoustic conditions during teaching in the classrooms under a variety of different teaching scenarios. To find out more about the project, please contact Harshal Kolwankar at


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