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Increasing awareness of noise levels in educational premises at Euronoise in Tampere

The classroom acoustics session at Euronoise consisted of 9 lectures on the 31st of May. Classroom acoustics was confirmed as a vivid area at the crossroad of room acoustics and occupational health.

Highlights from the session
– Stress indicators, such as heart activity are powerful to describe the incidence of poor room acoustics on teachers. (Tiesler)
– Improved room acoustics (T lowered from 0,7 s to 0,4 s) have an influence on sound pressure level in classroom. This influence is dramatically increased when it comes to modern teaching styles (see previous post on this subject) (Oberdoester)
– Dreadful room acoustic conditions have been measured in Italian sports halls. The risk of hearing damage is sometimes such that the teacher will leave the premises while the children are practising sports. Regulations exists and information to stakeholders is needed. (Maffei)
Below the list of the 9 lectures. The two downloadable papers involve Ecophon as a writer/co-writer.
Noise a stress factor? – Room acoustics school ergonomics, Gerhart Tiesler, Markus Oberdoerster. Download file
Room acoustics of classrooms with different shapes, Kurt Eggenschwiler
Acoustical school ergonomics – a premise for “modern” teaching?, Markus Oberdoerster, Gerhart Tiesler. Download file
Amplification in classrooms – the answer to students´ listening problems and teachers´ vocal strain?, Valdis Ingibjörg Jonsdottir
Teachers’ vocal symptoms related to their opinion regarding room acoustics, Valdis Ingibjörg Jonsdottir
A field study on acoustic properties in German class rooms and their effect on the cognitive performance of primary school pupils, Jochen Seidel, Maria Klatte, Jürgen Hellbrück, Philip Leistner, Weber Lutz
Acoustical conditions and noise exposure inside school gymnasium, Luigi Maffei, Paola Lembo, Gino Iannace, Pietro Nataletti
Numerical estimation of student-activity noise and its impact on acoustical conditions in classrooms, Yulia Smyrnova, Andrzej Ossowski
A procedure to improve acoustical conditions in classrooms, Yuliya Smyrnova
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