Interview with Alessandro Caruso

Alessandro Caruso is a UK-based architect committed to create healing environments for the healthcare industry. Alessandro Caruso’s interest in healthcare design stems from a very personal experience that gave him a mission: to improve the healthcare environment for patients.

Many years ago, Alessandro had a serious motorcycle accident that left him confined to bed for three months. During that time, he became acutely aware of the challenges of open wards and the clinical atmosphere of the operating theatre. This left him with a deep sense of wanting to do more. “Making a difference in healthcare is so rewarding – you get a real measure of what actually improves people’s lives,” he says, that is why his designs are based around users’ needs. Alessandro Caruso sees architecture as “lifelong learning” and finds inspiration in his global network of contacts, he warns that progress depends on collaboration. With over 15 years’ architectural experience in England, Spain and his native Italy, his focus is on creating healthier and happier experiences to live, work or heal in.

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