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John Hanlon Interview at EFMC 2013

Paige Hodsman, Concept Developer Office UK, discusses with John Hanlon about the importance of productivity, how acoustic is linked to it, and where the responsibilities should be. John was a speaker at the conference and held a session on May 23rd called “How the Facility Manager can influence Workplace Productivity”

“Facilities managers understand that their job has a big impact on productivity but they don’t really have the tools to implement the necessary changes. Research has given us lots of ideas about creating better working environments, where air conditioning, better lighting or acoustics can help promote productivity, but the actual detail of how isn’t easily accessible”, says John Hanlon.
John Hanlon is a Chartered Mechanical Engineer and a Fellow of the Association of Project Manager. He has worked within the UK Government sector for over 20 years for both Client and Service Provider organisations and has been responsible for the development, delivery and management of some of the UK’s most complex Facility Management contracts.
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