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Listening Matters in Building and Room Acoustics by Monika Rychtáriková

Why visualize when it is possible to auralize? Monika Rychtáriková (from Department of Building Structures, STU Bratislava, Slovakia and Acoustics and Thermal Physics, KU Leuven, Belgium) held one of the plenary speeches at Euronoise 2012 in Prague.

She pointed out that listening tests (can) play a crucial role in research and in the development of applications in room and building acoustics. Sound being presented to listeners, advanced binaural auralisation tools today allows for realistically presentation of acoustic sensations to us.
In room acoustics, listening test experiments can be used revising existing or developing new acoustic parameters. Spaciousness quantifiers, source localization etc. was put forward, also together with comparison between room acoustics and sound insulation scenarios.
Monika started off stating that visual dominance has been the “leader” in the Western world. Moreover, even when we want to show acoustic results, we actually visualize them; instead of auralize them, in spite of our hearing having unique features.

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