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Master Class Room Acoustic Measurements and 3D Auralisation

On 30 March – 1 April 2011 a three day Master Class “Room Acoustic Measurements and 3D Auralisation” will take place, headed by dr. Lamberto Tronchin. At the moment there are still spots available.

Upcoming Master Class:
Building Acoustics by prof. ir. E. Gerretsen, 25 – 27 May 2011

The design of an opera house or a theatre requires a deep understanding of room acoustics. Moreover, the acoustic characteristics of the music. New insight is given by the latest techniques regarding the measurements of binaural and 3D impulse responses and 3D auralisation. The goal of this master class, headed by dr. L. Tronchin, is to evaluate the acoustic quality of an existing room starting from acoustic measurements, discuss how to design acoustic corrections and finally to simulate the new acoustics by means of 3D auralisation.
This Master Class is complemented with a workshop which includes measurements of room quality in an existing hall and the simulation and auralisation of the acoustic changes in the hall.
Download the full program for the Master Class Room Acoustic Measurements here Download file
For more information get in contact to:
Level Acoustics, contact person: ir. Nicole van Hout, e-mail: or call +31 6 15 90 43 77

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